Meditations & Observations : First & Last Newsletter of 2018

2018, DONE. LET’S GO 2019!

What is done is done. Let us move forward.

Sending this on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who have joined me, who are joining me and will join me.

I mostly use these holiday times for self reflection and goal setting.

I have a set of rituals that I use to mark the passage of these milestones, over time these rituals get optimised and others get opted out of such as shaving my head and doing vast amounts of psychedelics, the heuristic i use is : use what is useful. In this case I find forcing myself, a forward looking and pragmatic person, to reflect still a useful ritual, although I find modern society too held in the past.

One way this manifests is through my letter to myself which I published especially for this newsletter. see link here :

I will use my first newsletter to talk about the future, in contrast to the letter to myself.

Thanks to a tweet I put out to ask whether anyone wants to join a chat based on memetics, over 200 people responded. We have through that initial chat set up a think tank called : The M.A.D.R.U. Memetics & Abstraction Decentralised Research Unit. The goals of which aim to further develop the field of memetics and abstraction, one of our immediate projects is to develop our repository of knowledge on both, through a wiki and research papers.

Learn more about The M.A.D.R.U. here :

What is keeping me busy this holiday ?

I accepted an e-book challenge, within a week or so, write an ebook. I am on track, 9k words so far. I aim to set release within first week of January, with some days for editing.

The book I have aimed to consist of something akin of theory fiction, where it is an amalgamation of different styles and purposes of two or more texts. However this will be more a intertwined practical guide on learning and autodidactism and a very long philosophical essay and inquiry into the mythic figure of Faust.

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